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If a Siemens PLC has to be connected with a PC via Ethernet, the normal way is to take a CP / Communication processor. IBHsoftec has a more flexible solution: IBH Link S7++ HS.  It is a cost efficient Ethernet-PROFIBUS-Gateway for programming, drive configuration, for communication between PC and Siemens PLCs, inter-PLC communication and FDT applications. It is possible to connect the IBH Link S7++ HS with a hub or switch or via a Crossover cable direct with your PC network card. The used protocol is standard TCP/IP, so you can control your system using VPN or a router. Of course you can also use an Internet connection. With the IBH Link S7++ HS online functions are possible via Profibus DP with up to 12 Mbit/s or via PPI/MPI. The IBH Link S7++ HS will reduce your cost because there is no need for the CP’s from Siemens nor the software Simatic Net is required.

The IBH Link S7++ HS offers the same features/drivers like the IBH Link S7++ and is laid out for rail mount.

IBH Link S7++ HS features:

- PROFIBUS nodes diagnostic via web browser
- Master Class 2 for acyclic services (DPV1)
- Configuration via web browser
- Configuration via NetPro
- Windows 8 64 Bit support
- Windows 10 64 Bit support
- STEP7 64 Bit support
- Time synchronisation
- PROFIBUS diagnostic
- Slave diagnostic
- Drive configuration
- Setting of the Slave Parameter via DPV1
- Data set routing
- Integration within the TIA portal
- Routing via RFC1006
- Fetch/Write via RFC1006
- PLC - PLC communication
- Process data access with other PLC, Windows and Linux
- Support for STARTER, S7-PCT, PDM, LifeList
- Setting and diagnostic of field devices with TCI
- Panel configuration
- Online to SIMATIC S5 via SINEC L2
- Up to 16 parallel PC connections at the same time
- Up to 32 parallel MPI / DP connections at the same time
- Automatic bus profile detection
- RJ45 Ethernet (10/100) with autonegotiation
- Diagnostic LEDs
- External 24V supply
- DIN rail mountable
- Software compatible to IBH Link S7++

The driver for SIMATIC MicroWin ,STEP7, WinCC, ProTool and of course S7 for Windows® is supplied on CD with your IBH Link S7++ HS. Also you can use the IBH OPC Server to connect your visualisation with the PLC via IBH Link S7++ HS. The IBHNet driver enables you to gain direct variable access via standard programming languages like Visual Basic or Delphi. The configuration of the adapter is very easy and normally done in a few minutes. The IBH Link S7++ HS automatically detects, whether it’s connected to a 10 or 100Mbit/s network. The IBH Link S7++ HS takes it's power supply via the integrated 24V plug.

Besides the programming capabilities also an application programming interface for HMI applications is included.

For Windows operating systems there are samples in the languages Visual Basic, Visual C, Visual C++, VB.net, Visual C#, Delphi, Java, Excel included. For Linux there are also samples included. After installation the samples can be found at:
:\IBH softec GmbH\IBH_Net\Samples HMI applications can also connect via ISO on TCP (RFC1006).

Typical application of the IBH Link S7++ HS:


Advanced operation ranges of the IBH Link S7++ HS:
PLC <-> PLC communication, projected with NetPro




More Infos on our WIKI Site wiki.ibhsoftec.com.


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