FAQ S7 for Windows®

FAQ S7 für Windows®

  • Question:
    In STL status only 7 lines are displayed (e.g. CPU315-2 DP)
  • Answer:
    In the Hardware Configuration of the CPU the operating mode "Process operation" is selected. In this case, the value "Additional Cycle Time extension do to Test Functions [ms]" should be increased to more than 50 or switch the Operating mode to "Test Mode":

  • Question:
    How can a Profibus Slave not listed in the Hardware Catalog, be integrated into the S7 for Windows ® Hardware Configuration catalog?
  • Answer:
    The manufacturer of the Profibus Slave provides a Hardware Configuration file called “GSD file”.
    Version V6.x/7.x:
    Within the Hardwarekonfigurator you you can install new GSD files via <Preferences>:

    Version V4.x/5.x:
    Copy this file into S5W subdirectory \ GSD and start S7 for Windows®.

    Know you can insert the Profibus Slave in Hardware Configuration.
    Most GSD files are available in the Internet. Siemens GSD files can be downloaded from the Siemens Product Support in the "Profibus GSD files" area.
  • Question:
    ET 200:
    The Analog Values read in via the Profibus DP vary a lot and make no sense!
  • Answer:
    Make sure the Analog Module SLOT Parameters are correctly specified in the Hardware Configuration. The Slot 1 to Slot 3 cannot be used by I/O Modules.
  • Question:
    The Siemens Step 7 PLC Programs we have are in the format “name.ARJ”. How can I open these PLC Programs with S7 for Windows®?
  • Answer:
    Please unpack the file using an unpack software understanding *.ARJ files. If you do not have available an unpack software, you can download this software from the Internet: ARJ File Archiver
    After unpacking with the downloaded software you can open the Siemens Step7 PLC Program with S7 for Windows®

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