IBH Link UA goes Mitsubishi Electric

IBH_Link_UA_SINUMERIK A new feature is the connection to SINUMERIK 840D and 840D SL. The SINUMERIK controllers can be accessed with the same variety of functions from the OPC UA module. Also with SINUMERIK, userdefined OPC UA variables (e.g. those of the OPC UA Companion Specifications) can be exchanged with an MQTT broker and thus used for cloud connections. Communication with the controllers will be done via TCP/IP (840D SL) or via our IBH Link S7++ (840D). The additional function for SINUMERIK is also available for IBH Link modules that are already running. They can be easily upgraded via a free of charge update..










IBH Link UA goes Rockwell Automation

IBH_Link_UA_Rockwell_300New is, that Rockwell controllers from the Logix family - ControlLogix and CompactLogix - are also supported. The Rockwell controllers are integrated like the Siemens PLC and can access the same functionality of the OPC UA module. For the Rockwell controllers as well, user-defined OPC UA variables can be exchanged with an MQTT broker/server and thus be used for cloud solutions. A special feature of the Rockwell controllers is, that the variable tables can be used directly from the controller. There is no need for a PLC project, which means an additional simplification. Communication with the controllers is established via TCP/IP. The additional functionality for the Rockwell Automation controllers is also available for IBH Link UA modules that have already been commissioned and can simply be downloaded with a free update..















IBH Link UA goes Modbus

IBH_Link_UA_Modbus_350.pngThe IBH Link UA now also supports Modbus nodes. EA slaves can also be controlled by the integrated S7 SoftPLC.
The configuration is done with our freely available IBH OPC UA Editor..
































Siemens Iot2040 goes OPC UA

IBH_IoT_2040_300pxA microSD card with the OPC UA server / client with IBHsoftec firewall is now available for the Siemens Gateway IoT2040 (6ES7647-0AA00-1YA2). By simply plugging the microSD card pre-configured by IBHsoftec, the IoT2040 becomes an OPC UA server / client for Siemens PLCs. This solution inetgrates SIMATIC S5, S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500 and Logo! (Ethernet versions) Controllers into the OPC UA world. It is an OPC UA Server/Client module with integrated firewall for the SIMATIC S5, S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500 and LOGO! (Ethernet versions) PLC. It is a compact unit for DIN rail mount with four Ethernet ports and a 24V power supply.




IOT_2000_IO_200pxIBHsoftec now supports the SIMATIC IOT2000 Input / Output Modules (5xDI 2xAI 2xDO) with its SD card version of the OPC UA server. The input / output modules can be easily activated via the Web configurator and are addressed by the integrated S7 SoftPLC. Thus the use of the IOT2040 for MES systems can also be used e.g. on old systems without the need of an external PLC to collect the data.





IBH Link UA certified from the OPC Foundation

IBH_link_UA_Certified_EngThe IBH Link UA has passed the compliance test of OPC Foundation and has been certified












IBH Link UA now available as a software version:


IBH Link UA now with S7 SoftPLC for data preprocessing

IBH_Link_UA_SoftSPS_UebersichtThe IBH Link UA additional contains a SoftPLC. The SoftPLC is able to read and write variables from the OPC UA server. The integrated SoftPLC can be used for data preprocessing and supports the programming languages LAD, FBD, STL, SCL or S7-GRAPH.