USB-S7-Adapter (cd)

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The USB-S7 Adaptor MPI, DP, PPI is an USB interface to the MPI/PPI or DP-Bus converter for programming software or HMI. The USB-S7 Adaptor MPI, DP, PPI has a 1.2m long MPI connecting cable, which can be directly plugged into the programming socket of the CPU or at any other node in the MPI network. The LCD Display shows the transmisson rate and MPI/ DP address. The housing of the USB-S7 Adaptor MPI, DP, PPI contains a type „B“ USB socket. The Adaptor can be connected to the PC via the USB cable supplied. The USB-S7 Adaptor MPI® is powered from the PC. The USB-S7 Adaptor MPI, DP, PPI can be used at any node in the MPI bus.




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